Making your idea come to life, we mainly focus on your current designs and the plan on how to start manufacturing your clothings line

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What is Manufacturing?

Develop  > Design > Source > Manufacture

Product Development

The product development stage is where the creative process begins. It involves ideation, concept generation, and turning innovative ideas into tangible fashion products. During this phase, designers brainstorm and visualize their concepts, explore various design elements, and make decisions about the type of product they want to create. It's the foundation of bringing the concept to reality.


Pattern making is a precise and technical aspect of fashion design. During this stage, patterns and templates are created, serving as the blueprint for constructing garments or accessories. Skilled pattern makers use specific measurements and techniques to transform design concepts into physical patterns that guide the cutting and assembly of fabric.


Sourcing is the logistical backbone of fashion production. It encompasses the acquisition of materials, fabrics, trims, and components required to manufacture the fashion product. In this stage, you identify reliable suppliers, negotiate pricing and terms, and secure the necessary resources to ensure a smooth and efficient production process. Sourcing is critical for maintaining quality, cost-efficiency, and timely delivery.

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Gain advantage, agility, and leadership in the global marketplace and world-class performance through Elite Fashion Group Consulting Program.

Through our deployment model our clients will learn practical application strategies to bridge the gap between customer and supplier utilizing a demand driven approach that enables the entire supply chain to perform at the highest levels. This approach will bring your organization closer to your customers, thus increasing velocity, quality and delivery, while dramatically reducing inventory and waste throughout the entire process.

The Process

Meet > Consult > Design & Source > Develop > Produce


The Consult stage is the initial phase where client collaboration and project scoping take place. It's all about understanding the client's needs, setting project objectives, and ensuring that the project is aligned with the client's vision.


+ Clients needs
‍+ S
+ Budget & Timeline
+ Creative Consultation
+ Agreement

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The Development stage is where your project starts taking shape. Design concepts evolve into tangible products, and creative ideas are brought to life. It's the point at which prototypes are developed and refined, ensuring they meet the client's requirements.


+ Concept refinement
+ Prototype creation
+ Iterative improvements
+ Technical expertise
+ Client Collaboration

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Sourcing is the logistical foundation of your project. It involves the procurement of the necessary materials, components, and resources required for production, and it ensures that these resources meet quality standards and are cost-effective.


+ Supplier identification
+ Material Procurement
+ Cost negotiation
+ Supply chain management
+ Quality assurance

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Pattern making is the technical aspect of fashion design. It involves creating precise patterns and templates that guide the cutting and assembly of garments or accessories, technical pattern creation, ensuring that the final products match the intended design.


+ Technical pattern creation
+ Measurements & precision
+ Prototype preparation
+ Quality control
+ Design interpretation

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Delivery & Support

The Delivery stage represents the culmination of your product development journey. It's the point where your carefully crafted and quality-assured products are prepared for distribution, sale, or use by the end-consumer. This stage is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, logistical precision, and a relentless commitment to delivering a superior product to the market.


+ Final product inspection
+ Packaging & presentation
+ Distribution strategy
+ Timely delivery
+ Client handover

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See What people have to say

"Adams knowledge in the fashion industry is like no other, he has been in the manufacturing and production business for about 13 years now and it defiantly shows how well-versed he is in the industry. Not only does he deliver, but he is also personable and honest with his clients. He is someone I can trust."

-Chrisbryan Nguyen / CKN CONSULTING GROUP

"One of my significant challenges as an aspiring high-end designer is grasping the intricacies of fabric quality.  However, I had no idea that not all satin is created equal; there are varying grades of quality. Adam's knowledge in this regard is exceptional. I trust him implicitly to take my design concepts and select the ideal fabrics for them."

-Seraphina Abernathy / Seraphina Abernathy


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