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Making your idea come to life, we mainly focus on your current designs and the plan on how to start manufacturing your clothings line

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What stage are you at?

Idea > Concept > Designs > Ready

Product Development 1:

At the idea stage, the creative process begins. Designers and innovators draw inspiration from various sources, trends, and their own artistic vision to conceptualize a new fashion product. This phase involves brainstorming, trend analysis, and the initial spark of creativity to identify a concept that could become a standout fashion piece.

Product Development 2:

In the concept stage, the initial idea takes shape and becomes a more defined vision. Designers create mood boards, sketches, and gather materials or fabrics that align with the concept. This phase involves refining the concept, considering practicality, target audience, and market appeal. It's a crucial step in solidifying the direction for the product.

Product Development 4:

At the "Ready for Manufacturing" stage, the product design is finalized, and it's prepared for mass production. Technical drawings, patterns, and specifications are handed over to manufacturers or production teams. This stage involves coordinating production processes, sourcing, quality control, materials in larger quantities, and conducting final quality checks before the product is ready to be manufactured on a larger scale.

Product Development 3:

The design stage is where the concept evolves into a detailed and technical plan. Designers create the product's blueprint, including patterns, specifications, and measurements. This phase also involves selecting materials, colors, and embellishments, and developing prototypes or samples. Designers work closely with pattern makers and sample sewers to bring the product design to life.

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The Process

Meet > Consult > Design & Source > Develop > Produce

Meet & Greet

The "Meet" stage is the first point of contact between the client or entrepreneur and the product development team. It's a crucial initial step where ideas and needs are discussed. In this stage, the team listens to the client's vision, goals, and requirements. It's a collaborative meeting to establish a clear understanding of the project's scope, objectives, and expectations.


+ Initial consultation
+ Clarification objectives
+ Identification of decision makers
+ Discuss concepts
+ Communication Channels

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Following the initial meeting, the "Consult" stage dives deeper into the project. This is where detailed consultations occur. The product development team conducts in-depth discussions with the client to gain insights into their specific needs, budget, timeline, and any technical or design preferences. During this stage, the team may provide initial feedback and recommendations based on their expertise.


+ In-depth requirement analysis
+ Budget & Resourcing
+ Technical Assessment
+ Scope Agreement
+ Recommendations

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Design & Source

The "Design & Source" stage involves the creative and logistical aspects of product development. Designers and sourcing experts work collaboratively to create a comprehensive plan for the product. Design concepts are refined, technical specifications are established, and materials or components are sourced. It's a stage where the product's design takes shape, and the necessary elements are identified to bring it to life.


+ Concept refinement
+ Technical specifications
+ Sourcing
+ Cost estimate
+ Supplier recommendations

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In the "Develop" stage, the product concept is transformed into a tangible prototype or sample. Skilled artisans, engineers, or developers work on creating a physical representation of the design. This stage may involve multiple iterations and testing to ensure the product's functionality, quality, and aesthetic aspects meet the desired standards. Adjustments and refinements are made as necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.


+ Prototype development
+ Iterative testing
+ Technical expertise
+ Compliance and Saftey testing
+ Client review and approval

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The "Produce" stage is where the product is ready for mass manufacturing or production. The final design is refined and approved, and production processes are streamlined. Quality control measures are implemented to ensure consistency and adherence to design and technical standards. The product is manufactured in larger quantities, ready for distribution or sale to the intended market.


+ Production scaling
+ Quality control
+ Efficient manufacturing
+ Packaging refinement
+ Distribution and delivery plan

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See What people have to say

"Adams knowledge in the fashion industry is like no other, he has been in the manufacturing and production business for about 13 years now and it defiantly shows how well-versed he is in the industry. Not only does he deliver, but he is also personable and honest with his clients. He is someone I can trust."

-Chrisbryan Nguyen / CKN CONSULTING GROUP

"One of my significant challenges as an aspiring high-end designer is grasping the intricacies of fabric quality.  However, I had no idea that not all satin is created equal; there are varying grades of quality. Adam's knowledge in this regard is exceptional. I trust him implicitly to take my design concepts and select the ideal fabrics for them."

-Seraphina Abernathy / Seraphina Abernathy


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