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Elite Fashion Group is a one-stop fashion development and production company that not only assists fashion brands in production but also a dedicated marketing team that specializes in the fashion industry.

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As a leading Domestic full-package fashion (CMTP) manufacturer in USA / Los Angeles, The Elite Fashion Group (TEFG) is one of the few firms left in USA that is completely vertical and 100% made in USA. From Development to full package manufacturing, is all done in house, right here in Down Town Los Angeles.

The Elite Fashion Group, present various fashion manufacturing services to our valued clientele. These services include, but not limited to, pattern and pre-production, fabric and trim sourcing, sampling all the way to services accompanied for the entire manufacturing process like marking and grading of the fabric, cutting and sewing the fabric, printing, packing and shipping of the finished product.

Over the 35 plus years, we have built long-lasting business relationships with countless domestic and import fashion suppliers and as a result, it has made our pricing and sourcing abilities reasonably competitive for our clientele. On top of that, we manufacture all sorts of products in the knit and woven categories, which include modern day fashion for both men and women, children’s fashion, the basics, athletic wear, surf and street-wear fashion, button ups and button downs, lingerie including an assortment of outerwear fashion.

Most importantly during the course of the numerous stages of fashion sourcing and manufacturing, we adhere to strict quality control processes to reduce risk, loss of time and unnecessary cost. Additionally, we do offer our clientele the opportunity to have a professional fashion staff member right at their convenience for all production updates and timelines. As you may have envisioned, we appreciate long-term partners desiring to have an imaginative alliance with beneficial development and overall product brilliance! Your total satisfaction is our number one priority.


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"Adams knowledge in the fashion industry is like no other, he has been in the manufacturing and production business for about 13 years now and it defiantly shows how well-versed he is in the industry. Not only does he deliver, but he is also personable and honest with his clients. He is someone I can trust."

-Chrisbryan Nguyen / CKN CONSULTING GROUP

"One of my significant challenges as an aspiring high-end designer is grasping the intricacies of fabric quality.  However, I had no idea that not all satin is created equal; there are varying grades of quality. Adam's knowledge in this regard is exceptional. I trust him implicitly to take my design concepts and select the ideal fabrics for them."

-Seraphina Abernathy / Seraphina Abernathy


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